Hello, Neighbor

Our internet tends to be annoyingly spotty at times. As soon as this isolation is over, we’ll be changing internet providers. So, occasionally I must click on my computer to see what’s up with the internet connection. In the past, I’ve spotted the FBI with a van in the neighborhood.


Should that really be discoverable? Isn’t that a tip-off to criminals that the FBI may be coming, so flush the drugs? Not that I would know anything about that.

The other day I was again trying to see what’s up with the internet. This really got my attention.

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No WiFi For Me

It was so cold here in the Chicago area that our internet didn’t work for a day and a half. Really. As I checked on available wifi (like maybe a neighbor that does not require a security password), I saw this …


Hmmm, Claney is a neighbor. OfficeJet 4650 is some printer. And FBI Surveilance Van is misspelled. Sorry, that should be Surveillance. Wait a second, what the what? What is an FBI Surveillance Van doing in my neighborhood? Is the Heating and Cooling van across the street housing the FBI? How about that UPS truck? How about our mailman in his mail van? Is that a gun in his pocket or is he just happy to be delivering my Popular Blogging magazine?

As I checked on wifi access during the day and a half of internet abstinence, the FBI Surveillance Van wifi came and went. I tried to access their wifi, but no luck. I wonder if they are cruising the neighborhood trying to find out who is trying to access their wifi. I hope they didn’t waste a FISA warrant on me. They will be very disappointed. All my subversive activities are published on this blog and Twitter. Just follow. If they do come for me, I am ready with my defense … No collusion.