Kenya? You betcha!

Donald Trump’s meeting with the President of Kenya caught my eye today.


What caught my eye is that the President of Kenya has the last name of Kenyatta. That almost sounds like one of the dopes in the Trump administration set up a phony meeting with a phony foreign world leader to make it look like Trump is actually doing work. They couldn’t think to research the actual Kenyan president’s name, so they just used a derivative of the word Kenya. Kind of like President Usanski of the USA. But I did some exhaustive research (10 seconds of Googling), and sure enough, the President of Kenya is named Uhuru Kenyatta. Uhuru is a Swahili word meaning freedom, so it is actually kind of a cool name. The only way it would be a better first name if it was Swahili for “I don’t know what nonsense that idiot Trump is trying to sell me, but I’m not buying it.”