Feed My Soul & …

We didn’t make it to church yesterday. My wife and I have become disenchanted with the conservative turn our church has taken. At the service last week, the associate pastor was saying a prayer after that horrible mass shooting in a mosque in New Zealand. I wanted him to say something, anything about “our Muslim brothers and sisters.” I would have even settled for “our heathen Muslim brothers and sisters.” Just something to let everyone in the congregation know that we are all the same and connected, despite our different individual beliefs. I was so hopeful as I waited. Nope, just a generic “thoughts and prayers” to generic New Zealanders. Rather than heading to church yesterday, we discussed the situation and made the decision to change churches.

So we are heading across the river to a church that we have heard is more accepting to other religions, sexual preferences, and even used car salesmen. As I took a look at their Easter service schedule, I became a bit concerned.

Easter 2.jpg

I’m hoping the sunrise service at the cemetery doesn’t mean they take the Easter story too seriously to the point of trying to recreate it. I don’t want to start Easter like this …

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The Shirt Off My Back

In the wake of the recent Las Vegas mass shooting, I think it may be a good idea if I don’t wear this German hockey team’s shirt for a while …


Translated, it means The Adler Mannheim, but who knows German in the USA? Most Americans can’t tell when to use “you’re” or “your.” And don’t get me started on the use of “there” vs. “their” vs. “they’re.”

I definitely will NOT be wearing this shirt to the Adler Planetarium in Chicago.