Scratching the Surface of Success


Desperate for a huge win in his first 100 days in office, Donald Trump has decided to play tens of thousands of dollars worth of scratch-off lottery tickets on this, his 100th day. Trump has been sending Sean Spicer on lottery ticket runs to every convenient store in the greater DC area. Back at the White House, Kellyanne Conway is putting her nails to good use scratching off the tickets, 10 at a time. So far, Trump’s strategy is working and he is up $134 at the time of this writing, which does make this project one of Trump’s biggest successes in his first 100 days.

Random Thoughts on Sean Spicer’s Gas Problem and the Trump Administration

Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer should leave the anti-Jewish comments to a professional Nazi like Steve Bannon.

The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh wants to make it perfectly clear that it is definitely NOT one of the “Holocaust Centers” that Sean Spicer referred to that were used by the Nazis to gas Jews in World War 2.

Today is the first day of the Trump Administration where someone other than Trump himself said or tweeted the dumbest statement of the day.

Is there some way that we can get all members of the Trump Administration to fly United Airlines?