A Holiday Gift from Me to You

On the tenth day of my Twelve Days of Blogging, I finally come through with a gift. About time. Sit back, read on, and I’ll unwrap it for you. The gift, I mean.

A wonderful annual holiday tradition in Chicago is the Goodman Theatre’s production of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. Please note the fancy spelling of theater. It must be classy if they spell theater as theatre! And it is. The Goodman is a beautiful theatre/theater with tremendous sight lines and sound. The production quality is extraordinary. Performance details change somewhat from year to year, so we have friends who make seeing it a beloved annual holiday tradition.

And then, there are those like us Flanigans.

We make the Goodman’s production every few years and enjoy it as much as alcohol and prescription painkillers permit us to. However, we also enjoy experiencing other versions of A Christmas Carol that are performed throughout the greater Chicagoland area. We have seen probably close to a dozen different versions. My favorite version of all took place in a crappy little playhouse featuring folding chair seating and no heat for that evening’s performance. But it was great fun, featured hilarious songs, and was somewhat audience participatory.

But enough about what I’ve enjoyed and you have not. Where’s your damn gift, right?

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Why I Love Chicago

There are lots of reasons to love living in the Chicago area. For example, I loved being able to see the hit Broadway musical called Hamilton this past weekend. We drove. My rule is that if we are headed to Chicago for a big event, we take the train. If no big event is happening that will draw tens or hundreds of thousands of people to Chicago at the same time we are going, we drive. Or if our 10 year old daughter is coming with us, she overrules all and insists on a train ride.

On the day we headed into Chicago to see Hamilton, I knew of a march happening on the actual busiest expressway in the USA outside of California. That would be the Dan Ryan Expressway that often looks like this …

dan ryan


Yikes! My oldest son drives that to get to work. The march was to protest gun violence, but I knew it was taking place far south of downtown where we were headed. Here’s a quick look at the march …

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An Inside Look at Hamilton

It may be hard to believe a cheapskate like me paid to see Hamilton, but I did this past weekend. Too bad I didn’t get a ticket for my wife. She would have enjoyed the show.

Just kidding. I got us both tickets, and excellent seats. Here’s our view from the first row of the mezzanine …

Hamilton Stage

I would definitely sit there again. But as I sat there, I became obsessed with the seats in this section …

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