Emasculation Conversation

I feel so emasculated, but any emasculating done was self-emasculation. I love football, but had ZERO interest in watching the college football National Championship game on Monday night. I rated these 4 TV events as “must see,” well above the college football game.

1)  Jeopardy Greatest of all Time finale. I was rooting for James since he is from the Chicago suburbs, but all props to Ken as Jeopardy GOAT. I felt sorry for badly overmatched Brad until hearing he is a multi-millionaire thanks to Jeopardy. Boo-hoo. And he won another $250K for being bad. Geesch.

2) Tonight’s Rachel Maddow interview with indicted Trump associate Lev Parnas. I expect a lot of “no comments” from Lev’s attorney, but I hope Rachel elicits a juicy tidbit or two.

3) Last night’s Rachel Maddow dissection of the Lev Parnas document drop showing just how mobbed-up the Trump crime family is.

4) The Democratic debate. I thought they all did well and nobody did terrible. Yawn. They are all so much better than Trump. Sounds like a new blog post on Winnowing the Candidates is overdue.

And then, the LSU-Clemson (I hope I got the teams right) game checks in. Oh, I forgot that Seinfeld rerun I watched. And Trump and Melanoma wearing a raincoat were at the indoor football game. Football just got bumped from my Top 5.

Hidden Messages

I have expounded my theory before on this blog that Donald Trump is NOT the blithering idiot that he appears to be, despite behavior to the contrary, over and over and over. It is my stated theory that he is sending us hidden messages, not to be confused with the hidden massages that he is keeping secret from Melania.  Take this series of tweets from this morning for example …

Trump Tweet secret message 1

It is so obvious to me that he is couching his message secretly, so that it takes some thought to see what he is really saying. This is not to be confused with sofaing the message when your phone drops down between the cushions while tweeting. No, he’s really got a message for us, but we have to separate the wheat words from the chaff words. Allow me to demonstrate …

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