It snowed. I worked. My fish has a tumor. It exploded.

From the title, you may sense a blog post that can only be described as a rambling screed. I had a consecutive day blogging streak going on that had extended over a month, although I didn’t realize that until I was preparing this post. I had a scintillating blog post planned for yesterday called My Goldfish Has a Tumor. I was all set to keep the daily blogging streak that I didn’t know I had alive, cramming  the heads of my readers with more nonsense than one can reasonably be expected to contain within their craniums. And then it snowed. And snowed some more. We got what I eyeballed at about a foot of snow. For my foreign readers, that equates to something-something centimeters of snow.

You know what’s bad about when everyone around you has a snow day off from work and school?

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