This is the kind of story that could secure a Pulitzer for Kate Irby and the Fresno Bee.

Devin Nunes Cow

I read the story to learn that Republican Congressman Devin Nines is suing 2 Twitter accounts purporting to be his cow and his mom. But what about the rest shown below? Do they get a free pass?

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Devin Intervention

Breaking News …

Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, dismissed revelations that he briefed Donald Trump on new intelligence information regarding the Russian surveillance investigation before the information was even provided to his own intelligence committee. When confronted by our crack investigative team, Nunes clarified his position for us. “Look, this is no big deal. I play no favorites. When I get some new intelligence about Trump, I tell Trump. When I get some new intelligence about Putin, I tell Putin.”