All Customers Welcome, Regardless of Beliefs

My real profession is in medical equipment sales. I import some large medical imaging equipment for sale in the US, and I sell some therapeutic massage equipment for respiratory therapy and physiotherapy to all parts of the world. I added a new customer the other day for the massage equipment. We sent a massage machine here to this organization in South Dakota …

That sounds lovely, but what do they actually do? This is the explanation given at

Love Grows Gaia is a group of families and individuals who follow universal laws and have traveled with each other or alone to activate Sovereignty throughout the land. Each individual who removes themselves from the systems are in need of transmutations into abundance through a process. It takes “time” to awaken to the deep state and then separate yourself from it.

Got it. They’re a commune, and they want to be left alone. But why? What do they stand for?

Our purpose is to remain in service to the Hueman  collective consciousness awakening and the ascension of Sophia Gaia Tarra aka “earth” activating Rods of illumination here to remind all we are only responsible for our own Source Chords and actions. Consent is absolute and with out it nothing can stay stable in a false reality construct. 

I rescind my question. I can’t argue with that, because I can’t understand that. But I did understand this from their website …

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