My youngest son has a friend who was quite a handful when just a youth. I have firsthand knowledge of that since I coached the boys in both basketball and baseball. But my son’s friend went to college, got a degree, and was encouraging my son to become a personal trainer like he is. Sounds good, right?  Well, it turns out that instead of coaching the boys on basketball and baseball skills, I should have taught life skills.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this headline concerning his arrest and the charges …

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I’ve been very busy with my medical equipment business recently. The hard work has paid off. Today I secured a large order from a Swiss customer who is buying equipment they will pick-up in Germany for shipment to Russia (no collusion!). The payment will be made by the Swiss customer in euros to my bank account in the UK that will be converted to US dollars and sent to my bank account in the USA so that my LLC can access the funds. I feel a bit like international business magnate Donald Trump, but without the criminality. Oh, sorry, I just noticed I spelled maggot wrong in that last sentence.