A Powellful Endorsement

Just recently, retired General Colin Powell endorsed Joe Biden for President. Yes, the same Colin Powell who served as NSA under Reagan. Yes, the same Colin Powell who served as Commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Bush 1 and Clinton. Yes, the same Colin Powell who served as Secretary of State under Bush 2. Still don’t believe me? See for yourself …

jaw drop

Definitely a shocker and also a great opportunity for some excellent Biden campaign slogans tied to Powell’s endorsement. It all hinges on the fact that Powell pronounces his first name like one says the word colon. That leads me to these slogans for the Biden camp to consider.

#1) Listen to your head, heart, and Colin – Vote Biden 2020. Huh? What do you think? No? Oh, don’t worry. I have more.

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Trump Demands More at Debate

The third Republican primary debate will be shorter this time, truncated to two hours due to demands from candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson. Perhaps they believe that if the debate goes longer like the previous ones that they will eventually say something so stupid that it will deter voters, but that has not happened so far. I mean the voter determent, not the saying something stupid part which has been constant during this primary race. Continue reading “Trump Demands More at Debate”