About Me and My Blog

I am a fledgling writer.  I finally figured out that to be a good writer, I need to write more. That earth-shaking conclusion resulting from my keen deductive reasoning skills spawned this blog.

This blog contains examples of the nonsense that constantly runs through my head. I hope you find it funny. I am trying a lot of different ideas, so my posts may be all over the place. It is meant to be funny and satirical, so please don’t get upset about content because most of this stuff is made up in an effort to provide humorous parody and satire. In other words, lighten up and laugh a little.

I typically don’t read other blogs since I am too busy writing my nonsense. Oh, and did I mention 5 kids and 3 dogs?  I do try and check in on my followers when they “like” one of my posts to see what they have been up to and may “like” one of their posts at that time. I’ll be starting on a new writing project soon, so I will have even less time to read. Sorry.

Me and ...
Me and …

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