Tiny Hands Can’t Hide a Big Problem

Donald Trump held a ‘listening’ session with the Parkland school shooting survivors and victim’s family members. He was caught holding notes that someone (reportedly Ivanka’s handwriting) had written for him …

Shooting Notes 2

Those tiny hands were unable to cover up all of Trump’s crib notes. I understand that on complex issues it is good to prepare with notes, but is this really a complex issue? Should this have been a complex meeting? The people he met with either survived a school shooting or lost a loved one to a school shooting. Let them speak. Listen and pretend that you are not a heartless and soulless monster. Find empathy from somewhere inside your empty, dark, over-inflated husk of a body. Come on, #5, really? Does Trump really have to remind himself to listen and say that he hears their concerns?

Trump did listen. The solution he offered is to arm teachers and administrators. I think I am going to be physically ill. I am sure there is a #6 on the opposite side of the notes.

6) Offer empty solutions and wait for this school shooting to blow over.