Don’t blame memes. Memes don’t make people stupid. People already are stupid. Memes are not the problem.

That title is just a little preview of the absurd logic used by people on social media, twisted a bit to suit my need to make a point. Of course that title is logically not correct. Yes, there are stupid people. Yes, memes are a problem these days, especially the ones created by foreigners.

I ran across a meme similar to this one on social media …

Tim McV

No, I don’t agree, so I didn’t share. The logic used is riddled with holes like Swiss cheese. Gee, what a surprise, another example of failed logic embraced by NRA lovers. In previous posts, we have already explored the Fallacy of the Alternative Disjunct in a post on Syrian refugees. What’s that? You don’t recall the Fallacy of the Alternative Disjunct? I warned you that there may be a test later. I suppose we can review …

The Fallacy of the Alternative Disjunct states if A, not B, and if B, not A.

In this case, A = Do our best to control bombings which we do.

B = Do our best to control mass shootings which is argued we cannot do because we have already done A.

But don’t stop there. This bombs vs. guns argument breaks so many rules of logic that it is hard to keep track and name them all. Here’s a great example of more fallacious reasoning using this type of argument.

We should not do cancer research because you can also die from heart problems. See how similar that is to ‘We should not do gun control because you can also die from a bombing.’

Try another one on for size with a little twist. We should not cure polio because tuberculosis kills more people. Note to NRA fans … we cured both.

The logic is simply absurd. What’s worse is that by now we should acknowledge as fact that foreign influences supply memes like this to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to divide us further. Even Donald Trump is now admitting that foreign influences are at work nefariously in social media after denying it for so long. At a time when we should be coming together as a country to solve problems like these mass shootings, foreign influences are using fallacious logic in not-so-clever memes to further divide us, and it is working. It is becoming apparent that NRA fans love their automatic weapons and logically-flawed memes more than they love their fellow Americans. To quote Donald Trump, “Sad!”