Fake Flanigan News

I like to think of this blog as intentional Fake News. However, yesterday we foisted upon our unsuspecting readership in our blogosphere some unintentional Fake News in my post about getting an MRI brain scan. Before you lump “Jim Flanigan Looks at the World” in with such Trump-identified questionable news sources like CNN, NBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Weather Channel, this was an inadvertent mistake. Allow me to explain …

I did go to get my brain scanned. I was up early and on my way at 6:30AM to the hospital. I was on time. I was ready to lay on my back doing nothing. I have been practicing my whole life for that moment. All was on schedule as planned until the person checking me in asked how I wanted to pay for the $1200 that would be my portion to pay after insurance paid their portion.

I have insurance from my wife’s employer, a local school district. School districts typically have good insurance plans, and I think we have a good one. But still, $1200 was left for us to pay. This really underscores the need for Medicare for all or single-payer healthcare in the USA.

I didn’t necessarily need an MRI brain scan. It was just that my doctor was unable to find a reason that I fainted and face-planted one time. Otherwise, I’m the picture of health, as long as you are OK with a picture that is old, yellowed, faded and frayed around the edges. As I contemplated how I would pay the $1200, I decided that I would need to get my head examined if I decided to pay $1200 to get my head examined.

I had written the post about my MRI brain scan before I actually went to get the MRI, and scheduled it for after the event. Yes, I could have stopped the post once it was apparent that I was not getting the MRI, but why would I waste a good blog post if I wasn’t going to waste $1200 to have my brain scanned? My commitment to you is to continue to provide intentional Fake News as much as humanly possible, I guess until the as yet unidentified brain tumor I may have kills me.