I Will Miss Eating Weeds

This post is an excellent example of why details like grammar and spelling are so important. If the title had been “I Will Miss Eating Weed,” then you wouldn’t give it a second thought, and you may think that actually explains a lot of my rambling, nonsensical posts, along with the mite cartoons. But the word I used is the plural weeds, not the singular weed. Yes, I started eating weeds this summer.

This was not a result of losing my job. I’m still an independent small business owner, which in effect means I am unemployed. This was about me participating in some political protest, although I’ve participated in a few wacky ones in 2017. I’ll fondly remember my no-shower summer? This was not some desperate act to eat, since my wife stopped cooking for me years ago. No, this was a decision I made for myself for very practical reasons.

Have you ever stumbled across this “weed” in the cracks of your driveway or your garden?


It’s purslane, and it is quite edible, delicious and nutritious. Just take a look ..

Purslane nutritional

It is chock full of Vitamins A & C, along with a bunch of minerals. What can it do for you specifically?


OK, so that all sounds good. But the most important benefit of purslane is that I didn’t have to pick it anymore as a weed. I saved oodles of yardwork time this past growing season. Clean-up between the bricks in the patio? Sorry, can’t do that. That’s my lunch! Weed the garden? Sorry, but I don’t see any weeds, just tasty salad greens growing. And let’s talk about saving the family money.

purslane sale

Want to save money? Go pick at my cracks. For some reason, nobody took me up on that offer.

I did eat purslane all summer and actually enjoyed it. Here’s a lovely salad I made with some garden cucumber chunks ringing some garden greens with purslane prominently displayed.

Purslane Salad

I eventually added dandelion leaves as the summer went on, again reducing my workload significantly while increasing my dietary fiber. I’ll actually miss eating weeds this winter. I wonder if purslane would grow in the dirt in the cracks of my wood floor? Hmmm, that could eliminate vacuuming …



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