I Overestimated My Squash Ability

No, not playing squash. Eating it. I thought I was being so healthy, buying a spaghetti squash that I planned to prepare for lunch. And so I did. A little olive oil, some garlic salt, some pepper, and it baked into a tasty treat. The problem is, the squash I ate looked like this …


That little red thing below it in the pic is an apple for perspective. The much larger yellow item above the apple is the remaining squash half which I weighed at over 2 pounds. I didn’t know the weight when I started eating the first half of the squash, but I started to suspect I had literally bitten off more than I could chew as I neared the end and felt as bloated as the federal budget. I was so bloated I could have been used as a flotation device in case a plane had to make an emergency landing in the ocean.

In retrospect, as I continue to try and lose weight, it seemed like the smart thing to do … eat one half of one vegetable for lunch. However, in eating that partial vegetable, I literally gained over 2 pounds. On the plus side, spaghetti squash is chock full of nutrition. The bloating I felt is due to beneficial fiber that gives a person a full feeling that signals most people to stop eating. Not this guy. I like to finish what I start. You know what else dietary fiber makes you want to do? Yep, that’s exactly right. Later, gotta’ go, no pun intended!

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