Take My Knee, Please

As I got ready to watch my beloved Chicago Bears take on the detestable Green Bay Packers in a Thursday Night Football tilt, I wondered how both teams would address the whole “take a knee” issue. I know I was ready.

I planned to take a knee, regardless of being alone in a hotel room on a business trip. Then I remembered just how gross hotel room carpets are (especially in the 2 star dumps I can afford), and I decided against risking a case of knee fungus.

I saw that both teams decided to stand and link arms, which was nice, but left me wondering if that was just a ploy to hold up the “troublemakers” and keep them off their knees. On the first play of the game, the Packers decided to keep their arms linked, except this time it was around Chicago Bears quarterback Mike Glennon as they sacked him and caused a fumble. So much for goodwill between players.

The game quickly got out of hand as the Packers dominated, and I am typing this only at the end of the first quarter. Yikes. I wonder, when the game will be winding down and the Packers will be running out the clock, what happens if Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers takes a knee to help run out the clock? Will he be deemed unpatriotic and a hater of the flag, veterans, and kittens?

I will likely be asleep at the end of the game as this game has been lengthened due to a lightning delay, not to mention a torrential downpour. The silver lining to those storm clouds is that the downpour occurred in Green Bay, drenching tens of thousands of Green Bay Packer fans, not that Packer fans weren’t already all wet.

Packer fan

packer fana

packer fanb

packer fanc


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