Made In America Week Ends баснословно

WARNING: This is an experimental, interactive post. Read with caution.

This was a great Made In America Week, celebrating the USA’s production capability.  We are grateful for Donald Trump’s contribution to USA production, although that may sound counter-intuitive since just about everything with a Trump name on it such as all of Ivanka’s fashion line and Trump’s golf paraphernalia is made outside the USA, except for those crappy MAGA caps.

And then we have this tweet …

Trump Tweet Made In USA

ICYMI – In Case You Missed It? Yes we did, maybe because we were a bit distracted with all the Russia news and since you didn’t even mention it during your bizarre NY Times interview done during Made In America Week.

I love the last full sentence in the tweet, “If it is MADE IN AMERICA, it is the BEST!” Where does that leave all Trump-branded product?

Trump may have neglected to talk much about Made In America Week, but that doesn’t mean that he hasn’t used this week to raise awareness of our ability to produce, and not just locally, but also within the global community. Trump leads by example, and there is no better example of Trump’s leadership than his personal contribution to Made In America Week. Trump has shown us all just how easy it is to make treason, and not just any old treason like sedition, but completely selling out the USA to the Russians. For all you Trump haters that complain that Trump makes nothing in the USA, you don’t know what you are talking about. He makes treason, and he makes it ежедневно.

Hey, what about the interactive part of this post? You can use Google Translate to decode the secret Russian messages contained in this blog post. Decode sounds much more spyish and interesting than translate does. That should be almost as fun as using the Little Orphan Annie decoder ring to decode a message to drink your Ovaltine.