When the opening acts are as good or better than the headliner …

Happy James Comey Day Eve. All of us are anxiously awaiting the big show tomorrow as James Comey is scheduled to testify in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee. That will indeed be a notable event in history as the gears of justice slowly grind together to remove traitors from elected and appointed positions in the government of the USA.

But do not overlook the opening acts … the under-card … the appetizers … the foreplay … the preface in a book … the reading of Miranda Rights before an arrest … the clouds before a storm … the feeling of bloat before a belch … the shrinking of genitals before a cold swim … the cramming before a test … the drugging before a date with Bill Cosby …

the arousal before being bound in a skin-tight rubber suit and mask … the baby before the placenta … the fart before the poop … the coffee before the caffeine rush … the covfefe before dreams about a special daughter … the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand before WW1 … the Old Testament … the wedding before the honeymoon … the honeymoon before the disillusionment with marriage and eventual divorce … the long scrolling text in a Star Wars movie so that the idiots who haven’t seen the movies sequentially have some idea about what is going on … the sneeze before the gesundheit … the heil before the Hitler … the Alpha … the Yin that will occur today.

NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, DNI Dan Coats and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein are all set to testify today before the Senate Intelligence Committee and may all be quite entertaining as the headliner James Comey warms up in the Green Room. If you think you have enough popcorn for tomorrow, get more for today.

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