Grammar Rules!

I totally understand how people can get confused by some words. Principal and principle always made me pause until my friend, a HS principal, told me to remember that a principal can be your pal. That’s a great mnemonic device.

I can also understand the confusion between council and counsel. But this real tweet? Really?

Trump Tweet Councel

Dude, there is no such word as councel. That’s not even one of the available spellings. Now you are not even making bad word choices (among other bad choices), but you are just making words up. Just remember, “I” after “C” and “E” after “S.” That spells ICES, and we all know ICE is near and dear to your heart. Another great mnemonic device. On second thought, maybe that’s not such a good idea. ICES sounds too much like ISIS. Before long we will probably get this imagined tweet …

Trump tweet ICES

Better idea! Take his phone. For the sake of grammar, please, somebody take his phone.