Music Review #1

My oldest son and his friend offer a music discussion podcast on iTunes these days called Ear Buds.  You may enjoy checking out their Ear Buds podcast called “My Dad is not a Twitter Bot.” I think that is a reference to me tweeting all this blog nonsense out. If you do check out Ear Buds, I make a cameo appearance on Ear Buds podcast #3 with a “dad” review of what they consider a song that may appeal to their dads. I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to play it straight or provide a rant about music today not really being music. Well, I really liked the song, so I provided an honest review.

Here’s the song “King of a One Horse Town” from Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys …

I tried to keep my review short and sweet, under 100 words. Nobody wants to hear an old man pontificating on and on about today’s music. I failed. My review checked in at exactly 100 words. Maybe that should be my “thing,” music reviews of exactly 100 words. I’ll have to brush up on adjectives and adverbs that can help superbly pad my insightful and honest reviews. Working already. Regardless, here is my first official music review …

“When I listen to The Black Keys, I expect a little gristle to chew on with my steak. That gristle is absent in Dan Auerbach’s song “King of a One Horse Town” from his latest solo album Waiting on a Song. The song is bittersweet and soulful , and the addition of strings adds an air of sophisticated maturity to this tune. It is pleasantly listenable with a delightful arpeggio as part of the chorus. The lyrics are not complex and do not provide the answers to questions about life, but may cause introspective listeners to ask questions of themselves.”

We will wait and see if I am invited back to the Ear Buds. That will determine if my son is invited back for Christmas dinner this year. With or without Ear Buds, maybe this should be a weekly thing, like the weekly Mite Be Funny cartoon. Maybe music reviews should replace the Mite Be Funny cartoons. Maybe a reprint from part of the phone book should replace the Mite Be Funny cartoons. The bad news is that I am committed to Mite Be Funny and have more already created (collective groan) for weeks to come, but I could squeeze in a weekly music review, too. Let me know.

Wow, all this cross-promotion is exhausting.

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