Travel Ban 2.0 Baggage

Breaking News …

Team Trump has clarified some details on the new Travel Ban 2.0. Please note, this is NOT a Muslim ban, as it seeks to restrict the freedoms of ALL darker-skinned travelers, regardless of religion.

First, travelers carrying these specific identifying carry-on items will be exempt from the additional security restrictions imposed by Travel Ban 2.0 and will be allowed free access in and out of the USA …

Trump bagb

For younger travelers, this backpack has been approved as an acceptable alternative …

Trump backpack

These travel necessities are now available at for $99 each. For the typical Trump supporter that has no internet access, no money, and only shops at Walmart, the following item has been approved for free travel without restrictions and is available at Walmart for $25 …

Trump bag walmart

Now that looks like a nice, sturdy paper bag at a nice, sturdy price. Please note that this is a single-use item for travel, and will be stamped upon check-in, voiding it for future use.

Trump stamp

The TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) is busy outfitting all airport security checkpoints with these stamps, currently being purchased from the Trump-approved government supplier,

And if you are an atypical Trump supporter with some cash to spend, then this luggage piece will not only allow the user travel unrestricted by Travel Ban 2.0, but will also give you priority airline boarding, a free cocktail on your flight and extra peanuts …

Trump bag deluxe

Guarantee your Constitutional freedoms and help support Donald Trump and his family by visiting and grabbing one of these overstocked beauties for only $249. Isn’t your freedom worth that?


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