Marco? Rubio! Marco? Rubio!

In honor of Marco Rubio’s crashing and burning presidential campaign, I suggest the kid’s swimming pool game of tag formerly known as Marco Polo now be called Marco Rubio. That’s about the only thing that will ever be named after him as it is becoming clear that there will never be a Marco Rubio Presidential Library. Consider this …

At a recent Rubio rally,

in Hialeah in his home state of Florida,

where he is a sitting Senator,

while he is one of the four remaining Republican presidential candidates,

with local and national press gathered to cover the rally,

in a stadium ready to be filled to capacity with rabid Rubio supporters,

with the Florida state primary that Rubio has pledged to win just a few days away,

this happens …


Is it really a presidential rally if a couple hundred people show up? That’s about how many people get thrown out of every Donald Trump rally. Casually announce that a Chicago Bear is doing a meet & greet at a local store in Chicagoland and they are likely to draw thousands.

But why Marco Rubio rather than Marco Polo? I can only imagine Rubio at the rally, eyes closed because he doesn’t want to admit to himself that nobody came, soaked with so much flop sweat that it looks like he’s still in a pool, calling out “Marco” in the hope of a returned “Rubio” chant that ultimately never comes.

Marco? Rubio! Your table is waiting. Already seated are Jeb!, Dr. Ben, Rand, Carly, et al.